We cannot control the natural forces and processes of nature.  By now, with modern technologies on hand, we can identify the location and approximate times of tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods in many areas of the world.  However, we still cannot predict when and where deadly earthquakes will hit.

Blossomwood Foundation addresses immediate needs while working on the ground where deadly disaster happened.  We work with local residents, translators, and sometimes grassroots NGO’s to help us with logistics, transportation, and additional contacts.

We actively participate during the distribution of our supplies to make sure everything gets to the people who need it.  We are also strongly against any kind of “middle man” involvement.  While on the ground, we’re evaluating the situation from the very first morning and purchase food and basic hygiene supplies at local wholesale or other less expensive stores, if available.

We have also attended several UN Cluster meetings where we shared information and developed precise, targeted strategies to find and directly help the ones in most need.

We are efficient and very effective.  When we are on the ground, there is no time to converse…  Immediate, targeted action is the best strategy of all.


  • We collect necessary supplies all year long to make sure we have as much as possible for each destination.
  • When disaster happens, we search and contact prospective grassroots NGO’s (where available) and enlist the help of local residents.
  • We promote our efforts through social media, as well as local TV and radio stations to bring awareness to the community.
  • We place posters in our five medical offices for our patients to see and give them an opportunity to donate.
  • We purchase tickets from our personal funds and with the help of volunteer, pack all needed supplies for departure.
  • Upon reaching our final destination, we coordinate with the local partner(s) and form the most efficient strategy possible, often making needed adjustments as we go.
  • We work tirelessly, clearly understanding our time limitations, often sustaining 18-20 hour work days.