blossomwood foundation

Creating an Empire of Benevolence


Enhance the life experience of every human


Empower people to become a better version of themselves



The poorest victims of natural disasters locally and worldwide in the most effective way possible by eliminating the huge “middle man” apparatus. Provide immediate relief that supplies water purification options, food, hygiene necessities and medicine.


Implement leadership programs for the poorest of the poor that will work towards teaching them how to develop basic strategies towards a self-sufficient lifestyle. We will work to alter their mental preparation to receive much needed help from the outside world.


Modern societies to the lost line of thinking on how to improve compassion, gratefulness, positive thinking, and other good qualities of human beings.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide education and strategies to empower people in modern societies to become better versions of themselves.

We provide immediate assistance, and in some cases, longer term recovery to disadvantaged regions of the world negatively affected by natural disasters.